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About Me

I'm Sheena, a nurse from Philly. I have been a nurse for 9 years in the cardiac/ telemetry/ med surg world and I love it! I posted a video on my IG of which had 2K followers in March 2020 encouraging people to stay home during the pandemic and use hospitals for emergencies.... welp it resonated with healthcare workers around the world and went viral with millions of views on various platforms. I reached 75K followers in 72 hours and was reposted by some amazing people. 

      I currently have 110K followers and use my page as a place to spread unity amongst healthcare workers, awareness of systematic racism, positive vibes surrounding relationships, self love and body positivity and most importantly lots of laughs! I love making people happy and relating to them through realness and smiles. In all my ventures and businesses, I want my followers and supporters to feel a little piece of me. I hope I always reach you with a smile!

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