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Carpe Diem Cartagena

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Wheeewwww Cartagena, Colombia is a whole vibe! I tried to put my experience into words but then I decided… I’m finna take y’all! My bestie Jazmine and I have orchestrated an amazing journey of 5 nights, 6 days from September 21st-26th. Be prepared for new adventure, intriguing conversations, relaxing excursions and lit night life! All are welcome and when we say all, we mean…. THE MENS, WOMEN and all careers!

What’s included:

✔️ Private driver from airport to a 15 bedroom luxury home with lunch ready for you to enjoy!

✔️ Private dinner at an amazing restaurant with live entertainment!

✔️ Mud volcano with therapeutic mud massage, wash off in the river with the locals and a Pink Sea tour!

✔️ Private yacht party with Dj, cocktails and snacks! Visit multiple beaches and enjoy local island restaurants.

✔️ Enjoy a day trip in Palenque, the slave's refuge in XVI Century and Birth's place of the most famous boxer in Colombia's History. Dive in to the rich afro-colombian heritage.

✔️Daily breakfast made by personal chef.

✔️ Dinner party for final night with personal chef!

✔️ Covid test for departure included!

✔️ 24 hour House security.

✔️ Private rooms with personal bathroom for each room!

$750 Non refundable deposit due to hold your spot! If choosing to travel with a roommate, they must place a deposit of $750 as well.

Single Occupancy: $2,000

Double Occupancy: $1,700

Please Register Here:

Please Add Deposit Here:

Be sure to pay via Friends and Family! Paying via Business will incur extra fees!!

Must be fully Covid Vaccinated to enter Colombia!

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